Luciano Sorrentino presenta Parfums Lab

An idea born from a passion for olfactory art and communicative design. A project that comes to life in 2009 by designer and perfumer, Luciano Sorrentino d’Afflitto, when he creates the first line “Florence-Bombay” … and it is the beginning of a multi-sensory amazing adventure.

The name, Parfums Bombay 1950, is a special dedication. In the brand’s logo is stylized a Florentine lily which marks the beginning of the journey and the ultimate goal, Bombay.

Finally, the date 1950, a special year as it marks the beginning of the history of the family for three generations as perfumers.

The excellence of craftsmanship, creativity and quality typical of Italy. Parfums Bombay 1950 is not only high perfumery, but above all a means through which the fragrant material becomes art and communication. Different olfactory combinations, which are the results of a constant and intense research through the use of the best raw materials.

The art of creating a fragrance is anything but obvious and accessible: it is based on the application of rules and complex methodologies and draws from technical tools increasingly sophisticated.